Daviess County

Sheridan Missouri Officers

The local municipal affairs of the township since its organization have been economically managed. There has been no charge. of peculation, and, so far as the township affairs are concerned, may be safely said to have been carried on prudently and successfully. The election for township officers in 1873 resulted as follows: George E. Barkdoll, supervisor; Miles Bristow, clerk; M. J. Benson, assessor; Charles L. McCrary, collector; Reason Castor, constable; Samuel Surface and John G. Black, justices of the peace. At the next election some changes were made, and the spring election resulted in the choice of the following named […]

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Sheridan Missouri Stories

A Sad Accident The neighborhood near New Garden schoolhouse was considerably excited over the finding of the body of Jacob J. Spohn, an old man nearly sixty years of age. He was found drowned in Marrowbone Creek, on Tuesday, June 14, 1870. He had attended to his duties in the morning, and, after eating a light breakfast, took his fishing pole and started for Marrowbone Creek. Not returning to dinner, his family became somewhat alarmed and went in search of him. They found his body floating in the water about a foot below the surface, life apparently having been extinct

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Sheridan Township, Daviess County, Missouri

Sheridan township was first organized in 1869, and its territory was taken from the townships of Gallatin and Jefferson. It is a good township of land, though on some of the uplands the soil is light. On Marrowbone Creek, of which there are two branches on the eastern edge of Monroe township, the soil is of a rich black mould, very deep and extremely fertile. It has some fine timber, and in this the township has a source of considerable wealth, and as Marrowbone Creek waters the township on both the north and south, the timber is pretty evenly distributed

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Sheridan Township, Daviess County, Missouri Biographies

The following contains brief biographies of men from Sheridan Township, Missouri. You can search the entire listing using the search at the bottom of the page. Bacon, Irwin Bristow, Miles Caster, John J. Coulson, David H. Creason, Andrew J. Donaldson, Enoch S. M. Elgin, William Givens, Isaac Grantham, Robert H. Gueney, I. B. McCrary, Charles L. Neal, William Needham, Horatio E. Noah, George N. Rorabaugh, John White, Daniel Whiteaker, Aaron B.

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Salem Missouri Churches and Organizations

Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church This church was organized in the year 1857. The names of the organizing members cannot now be obtained, but the number was thirteen. The church building, a frame, was built in the year 1868, at a cost of $1,000. It has never been formally dedicated. Some of the pastors have been Revs, J. R. Hardin, J. B. Christie, James C. Poe, J. L. Netherton. The present membership is sixty-nine. The church is located on section nine, township fifty-one, range twenty-eight. Bethel Church (Methodist Church South) Bethel Church is one of the pioneer churches of Daviess county.

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Salem Missouri Organization

Salem township was organized in June, 1859. The first election was in August, following. The first justices of the peace were Thomas H. Gaines, A. G. Dergin, and John H. Hardin. Erasmus Sevier was one of the first constables. The assessed valuation of the township in 1870 was $204,214. In 1877 this valuation had increased to $241,093 in the aggregate, divided as follows: Real estate $157,310; personal property, $83,783. The population of the township in 1860, when its boundaries were much larger than at present, was 1,130; in 1870 it was 986; in 1880, it was 982. There were seven

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Sheridan Township Churches and Organizations

Christian Church The Prairie Ridge Christian Church was organized in the year 1867, by the Rev. W. H. Williams, of Gallatin, with ten members, their names being, Samuel Kindig and wife, Amos Faw and wife, Sarah Johnston, Leah Grove, Mrs. Clive Cole and Mrs. Olive Myers. The organization continued to grow in membership from year to year, and in 1878 they put up a church on section six in the northwestern corner of the township township, and it is the first and only church building in the township. Quite a number of its members live in Colfax and Liberty townships.

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A Sad Death of William Easom

A sad accident and death occurred in the fall of 1834; that is the belief, but the body was never found. -William Easom came out to Missouri to look at the country with a view of settling should it suit him. He stopped at a cabin south of the river near Grindstone Creek, and was going to visit the Burnses whom he knew. The rains had raised Grand River so that it was not supposed to be fordable and he was told so. He replied. “I am a good swimmer and if I cannot ford it I will swim over.”

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Salem Township, Daviess County, Missouri

Salem township comprises five-sixths of congressional township sixty-one and six sections off of township sixty-two, in range twenty-eight. It is bounded on the north by Harrison county; on the east by Washington township; on the south by Marion and Grand River; on the West by Benton. The principal streams are Cypress Creek, Hog Creek and Brushy Creek. All of these flow southward and empty into the Grand River. Probably two-thirds of the township’s soil consists of high, undulating prairie; but there is an abundance of timber sufficient for the wants of the people. The township contains twenty-three thousand and seven

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Postmasters of Gallatin City, Missouri

The first postoffice in Daviess county was at Millport, and it was established in the fall of 1835. Previous to that time, Richmond, Ray county, was the principal postoffice for this section of the country. When Millport was losing ground by the location of the county seat at Gallatin, the postoffice was brought to the new town, and G. W. Worthington was post-master, and he probably also officiated at Millport, and as he was one of the first, if not the first, to put up a cabin at the new county seat, he brought the postoffice with him. This was

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