Salem Missouri Churches and Organizations

Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church

This church was organized in the year 1857. The names of the organizing members cannot now be obtained, but the number was thirteen. The church building, a frame, was built in the year 1868, at a cost of $1,000. It has never been formally dedicated. Some of the pastors have been Revs, J. R. Hardin, J. B. Christie, James C. Poe, J. L. Netherton. The present membership is sixty-nine. The church is located on section nine, township fifty-one, range twenty-eight.

Bethel Church (Methodist Church South)

Bethel Church is one of the pioneer churches of Daviess county. It was organized by Rev. Abram Millice, in the year 1839, with about twenty members whose names cannot now be obtained. The church building was erected in 1869; it is a frame and cost about $1,300; it was dedicated on December 12th of the year it was built by Rev. Jesse Bird. The pastors of Bethel Church have been Revs. Abram Millice, John Y. Porter, Noah Richardson, Edwin Robinson, Constantine Dryden, Mr. Reece, Josephus Devlin, James B. Callaway, William Saxon, Daniel H. Root, Isaac Nailor, William M. Warren, William M. Sutton, John D. Vincil, Robert Austin, Sanuel Littlepage, William Ketron, Samuel Catlin, Samuel Huffaker, John Shores, Joseph Y. Blakely, R. H. G. Kierran, R. H. Jordan, A. A. Kiergan, John Perry, John Huffaker, L. Gribble, A. J. Worley, and S. W. Atterberry, the present pastor.

Christian Church

The only church in Salem is the Christian Church, which was organized June 17, 1868. The following are said to have been the original members: John J. Ford, Cassander Ford, E. S. Ellis, Elizabeth Ellis, George Flint (Elder), Perry Butler, Thomas J. Flint, Samuel Ford, William S. Brown, Philander Brown, Lewis Brown, Ellen Brown, B. T. Brown, John Brown (Elder), Francis Brown, Joel R. Brown, Nancy A. Brown, D. W. Terry, Rachel Terry, G. W. Kerl, Hannah Kerl, Silas Hammons, Lydia Hammons, Robert Y. Ford, Robert Ford, Mary Ford, Catharine Ford, Mary A. Flint, Louisa A. Flint, Louisa Higgins, Thomas Higgins, William Godman, P. Lego, Lydia Terry, Cynthia Terry, Ruth Terry, Bridget Mills, Matilda Burris, Isabella Barnet, Fannie E. Ford, C. A. Meyers, Elizabeth Terry Davidson, S. Davidson, Harriet Ford and Mary E. Ford.

In 1867-68 the frame church building was erected at a cost of $800; it was dedicated June 17, 1868. The pastors of this church have been Revs George Flint, J. W. Coffey, D. W. Martin, and the present pastor, J. F. Jordan. The present membership is 150.

Masonic Lodge

Earl Lodge No. 285, A. F. & A. M., was granted a dispensation March 9, A. D. 1868, A. L. 5868, and was organized on March 30th, following. The date of this charter is October 15, A. D. 1868, A. L. 5868. The first officers were J. J. Enyart, W. M.; Nathanial Glaze, S. W.; George W. Flint, J. W.; Gabriel Feurt, Treas.; N. B. Brown, Sec’y; William T. Foster, S. D.; Thomas J. Flint, J. D.; John Armstrong T. The present officers are Jacob Hoover, W. M.; James O. Ellis, S. W.; F. M. McCoy, J. W.; G. Feurt, Treas.; B. B. Adams, Sec’y; Thomas A. Glaze, S. D.; William P. White, J. D.; M. M. Coffey, T. A Hall was built in 1868, and is the property of the lodge. The present membership of Earl Lodge is 38.

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