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Missouri Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It contains information and records for Missouri ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Specifically, it provides sources for birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, tax records, court records, and military records. It also provides some historical details about different times and people in Missouri history.

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Biography of Rial Creason – Ray County

Rial Creason was born on March 3, 1835, in Ray County, Missouri, to William and Mary Creason. His family, originally from Kentucky and Tennessee, settled in Missouri early on, living in a block house for protection against Native Americans. On August 31, 1854, Rial married Mary D. Hall, born March 29, 1839, in Ray County. They had thirteen children, nine of whom survived into adulthood. Rial served seven years as justice of the peace, owned 600 acres of prime land, and was active in local organizations such as Albany Grange No. 520 and Ada Lodge No. 444.
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Biography of William Marshall Young of Center Township

William Marshall Young, born in 1845 in Dade County, Mo., is a successful farmer in Center Township. Son of Isom A. and Mary M. (McLemore) Young, and grandson of Matthew M. and Elizabeth (Neal) Young, William married Dialtha McClure in 1870. They had seven children: Martha L., Viola M., Frank J., Ruthy F., Marshall A., Mathew Boyd, and Lucy V. Young owns a 65-acre farm and 391 acres on Sac River, focusing on agriculture and stock-raising. He is a Democrat and his wife is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.
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Biography of Rev. David G. Young of Dade County

Rev. David G. Young, born in Niagara County, N.Y., in 1829, and orphaned young, was raised by his uncle in Michigan. He married Margaret Pratt in 1855, who died a year later, and then Amanda E. Roberts in 1861, with whom he had nine children. Young served in the Civil War, was captured, and held in several prisons. Post-war, he was a teacher and county superintendent of schools in Illinois before moving to Dade County, Mo., where he served as circuit clerk and ex-officio recorder for eight years. An active Baptist minister, he founded multiple churches and owned 200 acres…
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Biography of Judge George W. Wells of Washington Township

George W. Wells, born in Monongalia County, W.Va., in 1839, was a notable figure in Washington Township, recognized for his roles as a judge, farmer, and stock-raiser. Son of Benjamin L. and Sophia (Kughn) Wells, he was raised by relatives following his parents’ early deaths. A Civil War veteran, Wells served nearly four years, reaching the rank of captain. Post-war, he settled in Dade County, Mo., married Letitia Poage, and had six children. Elected county judge in 1876 and presiding judge in 1878, he was also active in local education and community development. A dedicated Republican, Wells voted for Abraham…
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Biography of Rev. Thomas Toney of Greenfield

Rev. Thomas Toney, A.M., M.D., born November 3, 1836, in Warren County, Kentucky, is a notable figure in Greenfield, Missouri, known for his roles in education, real estate, and insurance. An orphan, he worked through Mount Mary Seminary and Glenville College, eventually earning medical degrees from the University of Nashville and Vanderbilt University. Toney served as a captain in the Confederate Army and was involved in numerous battles. He founded several educational institutions and served as president of Ozark College from 1883 to 1887. A committed Cumberland Presbyterian pastor, he was also active in Masonic, Odd Fellow, and other fraternal…
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Biography of J. W. Toliver of Dadeville

J. W. Toliver, a prominent merchant, farmer, and stock-raiser in Dadeville, Missouri, was born in Lawrence County, Missouri, in 1855. He is the son of John H. Toliver, a Tennessee-born Confederate Army captain and mule trader, and Ann Laster. In 1877, J. W. married Amanda A. Watkins, with whom he had two children before her death in 1883. He remarried in 1885 to Marrillena Clopton White, with whom he had three stepchildren. Toliver has served as Dadeville’s postmaster since 1886 and owns a general store. An active Democrat, he also owns significant land in Missouri and Kansas.
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