Grand River Township, Daviess County, Missouri

Grand River township is one of the central townships in the county, being bounded on the north by Salem, and Washington; east, by Jamesport; south, by Union; and west by Grand River, which separates it from Marion, and a small portion of Benton township. In area it is the largest township in the county, covering 32,742.40 acres of land. It is very near equally divided between prairie and timber land. The bottom lands are of rich, dark mould, easy of cultivation, very prolific in yield, having all those growing qualities which are so characteristic of the whole Grand River Valley. The prairies are rich in natural grasses. Timothy and red-top clover grow luxuriantly while the blue grass is indigenous to the soil. Grand River township is six miles north and south, and was once organized to cover only a congressional township of land, six miles square.

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