Liberty Township, Daviess County, Missouri

Liberty is in the second tier of townships from the south and also on the west part of the county, and for the fertility of its soil and the beauty of its undulating prairies it is considered one of the best townships in the county, and according to number is populated with the best reading people in the county, and they must, of course, be well educated on the general topics of information. Fully two-thirds of this township is a rolling prairie with a natural drainage, which makes it the equal of any township in the county for stock-raising. Timber of all the known varieties that grow in this section, is found in Liberty township, the largest portion being found upon Honey and South Big creeks, while Larry Creek is also skirted with timber.

The township is a congressional township in size, and is bounded on the north by Marion, east by Union, south by Sheridan and west by Jefferson. It covers an area of twenty-one thousand five hundred and eleven and forty-seven one-hundredths acres of land. The population of the township in 18S0 was 988 and now claims 1,100. In 1870 Liberty had a population of 781, which shows an increase of over fifty per cent since 1870.

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