Churches of Liberty Township

Union Church

This church was first organized in 1856 and is located on the east half of the northwest quarter of section seven. The church is a neat frame building put up the same year of the church organization, but not wholly finished until 1857. It was dedicated in July, 1857, and the dedication sermon was delivered by the Rev. George Flint. The first ministers of the Union Church were Rev. George Flint and Rev. Benjamin Wheeler. The church cost $900 and has a very pretty location, being surrounded by well improved farms. There is some talk of building a larger church as the organization is increasing in membership, but it is probable the present building will remain for a few years yet as their place of worship.

The church is in a flourishing condition at this time, the membership numbering sixty-five. It is comparatively out of debt, but a little more of` energetic work is needed to extend its usefulness and for the greater exercise of its influence for good. With its present position and surroundings it has a splendid field for labor, and it should be fully used to extend its power for the good of the church and for the glory of God. The names of the original members of this influential pastorate are as follows: James Kincaid and wife, Robert Hanna and wife, James Hanna and wife, William Prewett and wife, T. P. Gilreath and wife, Tobias Miller and wife, H. N.. Creekmore and wife, and a number of others whose names have been forgot-ten. These are familiar names to those who remember the early settlers of Liberty township.

Cemetery at Union Church

There is a small cemetery connected with the Union Church on section seven, and there is another one located on section sixteen, being on the north half of the east half of the southwest quarter, and known as the Creekmore Cemetery, and has very pleasant surroundings. These are all that are in the township.

Crab Orchard Church

Some years before this church was organized quite a strong desire had been manifested to secure grounds and build a House of the Lord. Those who had come into that section of the township and settled, and who had left their old homes in the East where they had never been deprived of church service, felt its loss severely. In the early times services had been held frequently at the houses of the settlers, but this had always been irregular and. sometimes months would elapse between the times of holding service. What they wanted was a church, regular Sunday meeting and a day of rest from the care and labors of the week something of those pleasures and comforts that they had left behind when they, like the Star of Empire, westward took their way.

In 1861, amid war’s alarms, Crab Orchard Church was organized and a church erected which was dedicated to the Lord the same year. A very impressive sermon of dedication was delivered by the Rev. B. F. Kenney and an earnest heartfelt prayer went up for peace and to mitigate the horrors of war. The church was a frame building of medium-size, comfortably furnished, and cost, completed, $1,000. The church is located on the north half of the east half of the southeast quarter of section three. The names of the following original members are remembered: William Everly and wife, Joseph Koger and wife, Nathan Harmon and wife. The first pastor was the Rev. B. F. Kenny and he was followed by the Rev. James McMahan. The church, financially, is in a prosperous condition and the present membership numbers forty.

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