Benton Township, Daviess County, Missouri

Benton township lies in the northwest corner of the county, and is in area seven miles north and south and six miles east and west and contains within its borders 26,695? – acres of laud. The township is heavily timbered, there not being over three or four sections of prairie land in the township out of the forty-two sections it contains. The magnificent forests are a mine of wealth to the inhabitants, and they are aware of its value. Oak, hickory, walnut, elm, etc., are the principal varieties of timber, although almost every kind that grows in this latitude can be found within its borders.

The surface of Benton township is very rolling and it is well watered by the Grand River in the southwest part of the township. Sampson’s Creek, which passes through the center and branches off, watering the northwestern and, with Little Sampson Creek, the northern portion of the township. On the east is Big Creek which, with Salmon Creek, one of its forks, waters the entire eastern section of the township and empties into the Grand River in the southeast corner.

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