Jameson Missouri Township Law and Officials

There had been several changes in the township law, made by the legislature, and for a while they came so often that it was hard to keep track of the procession.

The first list of township officers of record, was the election of July 2, 1872, when the following township officers were elected:

Supervisor, William Earl
Clerk, E. D. Powell
Assessor, Charles M. Gray
Collector, John A. Martin
Constable, R. P. Fuller
Justices of the Peace, Henry Ward and James K. Heath

There were 223 registered votes in the township.

The supervisor law still held for the spring election of 1873, which came off in April, and the following ticket was successful:

Supervisor, Henry Ramey
Clerk, I. N. Young;
Assessor C. M. Gray
Collector J. L. Martin
Justices, Henry Ward and Henry Dilley
Constable, R. P. Fuller

1874 Henry Ramey, trustee; J. M. Young, clerk; C. M. Gray, assessor; and R. R. Christie, collector.

1875 Henry Ramey, trustee; Willis Dilley, clerk; William M. Williams, assessor; R. R. Christie, collector; William Ward, constable; Henry Dilley and Henry Ward, justices.

1876 Henry Ramey, trustee; Henry S. Steward, clerk; E. B. Christie, assessor; John Heath, collector.

They declined to hold an election for township officers in 1877.

Another Election

In 1871 the name of Robert R. Clouster appears as collector for the township, but nothing further of the officers for that year.

The supervisor law had been repealed and the county was again divided into county judicial districts, and trustees elected in the several townships in place of the supervisors.

The election for township officers in 1876 gave a majority to the following named persons: Trustee, Henry Ramey; clerk, H. S. Stewart; collector

John Heath; assessor, E. B. Christie; the justice and constable holding over.

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