Towns of Jackson Missouri

Jackson township can boast of two villages, not of very great proportions but like all rising towns they believe immensely in their future. They are both on the line of the St. Louis & Omaha Railroad, some five miles apart and of course a great convenience to the farmers and stock-raisers in that vicinity. Lock Springs, situated in the southwest corner of the township, and the county as well, claims a solid population, on a fair count, of fifty. It is a railroad station with a depot building and has the following business houses:

  • Francis M. Burris, druggist
  • Litton & Minnick, groceries, etc.
  • W. T. Minnick, general merchandise
  • James Offield, blacksmith
  • W. T. Minnick, postmaster and railroad agent.

Lock Springs is the largest town in Jackson township.

Jackson is the second town or village in the township and boasts of a population of thirty, with limited prospects of an increase. It is also a railroad station with a depot and has, besides, three business houses. Frank Hines is proprietor of a drug store; Sebron Sneed deals in general merchandise, ties and lumber; while Robert C. Groves keeps a general store and officially signs his name as postmaster. There is nothing specially to prevent Jackson village from growing, as lands are cheap and the soil productive which surrounds it. The best backbone for a growing village is an energetic and enterprising farming community behind it. Secure that and prosperity will follow.

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