Marion Missouri Churches and Organizations

Methodist Episcopal Church

The Methodist Episcopal Church of Civil Bend was organized early in 1865. The minister in charge at the time was Rev. David M. Heath. The number of original members was about fifteen. In 1868 a frame church 30×40 in size, was built, at a cost of about $1,500; it was dedicated in the fall of the same year by Rev. Mr. Heath, of St. Louis. A parsonage costing about $250 has also been erected. Since the building of the house of worship the church has continued to prosper, and the present membership is fifty-six. The present pastor in charge is Rev. J. G. Thompson. In connection with the church there is a flourishing Sabbath-school with an average attendance of sixty.

Christian Church

The Christian Church of Civil Bend was organized on the second Sabbath in February, 1868, with the following members: J. L. Powell, Elijah Otterman, Mary E. Otterman, Lewis Swaney, David E. Youtsey, Lydia M. Youtsey, Henry L. and Mary J. Powell, F. M. Otterman, Jacob E. and Jane Youtsey, Hester A. Swaney, Malsina Reed, William L. and Eliza A. Clark, Sarah C. Smith, Catherine Bristow, Barbara Brown, Emily Young, Sarah F. Nance, Margaret Reed, Sarah A. Smith, Lydia Marshall and George M. Youtsey. The church building, a frame, 30×40 feet in size, was built in 1872, at a cost of $1,500; it has not yet been dedicated. The pastors have been Revs. B. G. Waller, J. O. Ensel, Benjamin Franklin, editor of the American Christian Review, and Peter Slick, of Kansas. It has had good home talent, besides many eminent ministers from abroad. James L. Powell and Samuel Smith both perform valuable labor for the church. The elders have been E. J. Otterman, H. S. Rulon, and W. L. Clark. The deacons are A. J. Hathaway and D. E. Youtsey. The present membership is about 160. More than 210 members have been united by letter and immersion. The church has always been in a prosperous condition.



Civil Bend Lodge No. 409, A. F. & A. M. has a membership of thirty-four and owns a good hall in which it meets the first Monday on or before the full moon and every two weeks thereafter. The present officers are Philip Shaw, M.; L. F. Hetrick, S. W.; A. J. Stephenson, J. W.; W. T. Miller, Treas.; O. F. S. Shumway, Sec’y; W. L. Clark, S. D.; Daniel Gentis, J. D.; A. D. Harmon, Tyler.

Odd Fellows

Civil Bend Lodge No. 203, I. O. O. F., was first instituted under a dispensation granted February 15, 1869. The charter was granted May 20th following, and the lodge set to work by District Deputy Grand Master W. H. Folmsbee. So far as has been learned the charter members were the. first officers; viz., A. M. Swaney, N. G.; W. S. Mallory, V. G.; J. H. Frost, R. S.; John Easter, P. S.; T. J. Swaney, P. S. The present membership is thirty-three, and the officers are: N. G., W. H. Hines; V. G., Martin Sinnett; R. S., J. W. Wilson; P. S., W. O. Martin; Treasurer, C. C. Bareholdt

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