Early Jamesport Missouri Affairs

The first meeting of the board of trustees of which a record is found occurred on the 24th of April, 1873, and at this meeting the following officers were appointed for the ensuing year: P. H. Lilly, chairman; C. E. Orcutt, clerk and collector; C. M. Hutchison, assessor; William Wineland, marshal; George H. Smith, treasurer.

At the next meeting of the board of trustees, May 5, 1873, the first town ordinances were passed.

The next election for town officers, etc., was on April 7th, 1874, and the following named gentlemen were elected as the board for the ensuing year; to-wit, W. K. P. Allen, F. J. Carman, I. Mann, A. C. McCord and F. Callison. The board met April 13, and appointed the following officers to serve for one year: N. G. Cruzen, clerk; P. H. Lilly, collector and treasurer; II. B. Briggs, marshal; and A. C. McCord, street commissioner.

In 1874 the fiat of civilization declared that if saloons were to flourish in Jamesport, there should also be found a jail. The people accepted the ultimatum and October of the year 1874 found this very necessary adjunct of progress and civilization completed and ready to receive all those who failed to live up to the laws man had made to secure peace and order.

The improvements continued steadily and Jamesport became a town of some 400 inhabitants in 1875. The improvements were substantial and business continued to grow and the business men to prosper. The post-office business improved so much that a request was made to make the office at Jamesport a money order office. The request was granted, and from July 5, 1875, Jamesport post-office has been a money order office.

The election for town officers in 1875 took place April 1, and there were a few changes to record. The board of trustees was composed as follows: Franklin Callison, O. Taylor, W. K. P. Allen, F. J. Carman, and G. W. Hutchison. The appointments were N. G. Cruzen, clerk and assessor; R. Y. Miller, treasurer; I. H. Jones, collector; C. A. Carman, marshal and flue inspector: A. C. McCord, street commissioner; W. G. Callison, attorney.

The board of trustees this year took upon themselves to inaugurate general improvements in the town, and among the most important were the laying of sidewalks and putting down new street crossings. There were other needed improvements which were carried out, but the sidewalks and crossings were the most important and met with the cordial approval of the citizens.

Notwithstanding these extra expenses of the year 1875 and the winter of 1875-76, the treasurer, I. Mann, reported April 10, 1876, $221.37 in the town treasury.

The election in the spring of 1876 seems to have been as fortunate as the selection of the board the year previous. The new board of trustees proved to be one of progress, a majority of three of the five having been on the board the previous year. The board was made up as follows: Franklin Callison, O. Taylor, H. Bunker, A. C. McCord, and G. W. Hutchison. N. G. Cruzen was appointed clerk; Independence Mann, treasurer; R. M. Hutchison was appointed to take charge of the assessor’s books; A. C. McCord held his position of street commissioner, and W. G. Callison that of attorney. William H. Banker added to his duties of trustee the important trust of flue inspector. This now was a position of responsibility. New buildings were going up and not always was the proper care given to the safety of the flues. The board of trustees, at this meeting, April 15, 1876, defined the fire limits, among other acts passed for the permanent improvement of the city. There was a commendable prudence exercised in. these matters, but still Jamesport saw the benefit arising from the action of the board, and a. generous approval was given.

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