Jamesport Missouri 1877-1880

It was this year, 1877, and on the eventful 8th day of March, that the great organ of civilization known as the press located one of its family at Jamesport, and the same was issued that day. As a local organ the Gazette was a success.

Under the talented editorship of Joe X. Wright, it has for weeks, and months, and years, sounded the praises of Jamesport and the surrounding country until the people of that live, go-a-head town have been completely astounded at the immensity of their local opportunities, wealth, culture, and refinement, and have often let sleep pass from their eyelids in trying to solve the puzzle of how all this had escaped their attention before the ad-vent of this sharp-seeing representative of the press. The Gazette has proved a boon to Jamesport, and no small part of its growth may be credited to its determined efforts. If they have given that press a liberal support they have but performed their duty; if they have not, then man’s inhumanity to man ” could not have a more fitting exemplification.

The trustees elected for 1877, were F. Callison, I. H. Jones, John Martin, C. M. Hutchison, and William Flynn. The board appointed N. G. Cruzen, clerk and collector; Robert C. Williams, assessor; Webb Ballew, marshal; I. J. Mann, treasurer; and O. M. Shanklin, attorney.

The following gentlemen were elected trustees in 1878: R. C. Williams, A. C. McCord. H. Holloway, F. J. Carman, and Joe X. Wright. N. G. Cruzen was appointed clerk; I. J. Mann, treasurer; John W. Warren, marshal; A. C. McCord, street commissioner; W. G. Callison, attorney.

In 1879, the board of trustees was composed of Franklin Callison, G. W. Hutchison, W. H. Reynolds, Horatio Bunker, and A. C. McCord. They appointed N. G. Cruzen, clerk; I. J. Mann, treasurer; J. F. Jordin, marshal; A. C. McCord, street commissioner; W. G. Callison, attorney.

The election in 1880 resulted in the choice of the following gentlemen: Franklin Callison, F. J. Carman, J. C. Murray, A. Z. Buzzard, and W. J. Gillilan. The board made the following appointments: N. G. Cruzen, clerk; I. J. Mann, treasurer; J. F. Jordin, marshal; O. Taylor, street commissioner; W. G. Callison, attorney.

It is of record that the first dray license was granted to C. T. Allen, March 1, 1875.

The first butcher’s license was given to Messrs. Jones & Cook, and bore date of March 5, 1875.

The first dram-shop license, now called a saloon, was granted to Messrs. Taylor & Miller, for which they paid the sum of fifteen dollars per quarter, invariably in advance. This license was dated August 4, 1873.

A. C. McCord, who was the first person that held the office of flue inspector, reported to board of trustees that he had found thirty-seven defective flues and had condemned the same. This report was dated October 12, 1874, which proves that the office of flue inspector was necessary to the citizens of Jamesport if they would save their material wealth from destruction by fire. This closes the history of the town of Jamesport.

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