Harrison Missouri Officers

The township organization law which passed the General Assembly of the State of Missouri in the session of 1871-1872 was adopted by Daviess county, and the first election under its provisions took place in April 1872. The election resulted in favor of the following named township officers: Walker Reed, supervisor; Stephen Ballinger, clerk; E. E. Weldon, assessor; O. Ramsbottom, collector; Mat. Goings, constable; Joseph Stephens, S. J. Bennett, justices of the peace.

1873-T. R. Tuggle, supervisor; J. M. Reed, clerk; C. McCroy, collector; E. E. Weldon, assessor; S. J. Bennett, J. C. Griffin, justices; M. Goings, constable.

1874-Thomas R. Tuggle, trustee; J. M. Reed, clerk; E. E. Weldon, assessor; C. McCrary, collector; Elijah Trosper, constable; S. J. Bennett and J. C. Griffin, justices.

1875-W. P. Dunnington, trustee; Martin Weldon, collector; Franklin Bennett, clerk; E. E. Weldon, assessor; S. J. Bennett and Dr. Isaac Wilson, justices; S. H. Tuggle, constable.

1876-W. P. Dunnington, trustee; R. F. Bennett, clerk; C. McCrary, assessor; G. C. Dewey, collector; S. H. Tuggle, constable; E. E. Weldon, justice.

1877-W. P. Dunnington, trustee; R. F. Bennett, clerk; Martin Weldon, assessor; James Snider, collector; C. L. Maddux, constable; E. E. Weldon and S. J. Bennett, justices.

The law having been repealed for the election of township officers in the winter of 1877-78, constables and justices were alone left, but at the last session of the General Assembly the law in its most important features was reenacted, and the first election under it took place on the first Tuesday in April, 1881, when the following township officers were elected: Fillmore Reed, trustee and treasurer; R. F. Bennett, clerk and assessor; James M. Reed, collector; W. H. Treon, constable; Cleveland McCrary and Spencer H. Tuggle, justices.

The first meeting of the board of trustees of Harrison township under the organization law of 1872, was at what is known as the Reed school-house, situated on section thirty-four, being on the northwest quarter of said section.

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