Firsts of Sheridan Township

The first marriage was that of John McCreary to Miss L. Splawn, in 1837.

Besides those who came in 1834 and 1835, there came Ira Norris and J. Whittier, they settled in what is now District No. 2, where the first settlers located.

In 1842 another marriage took place, that of Thomas Keis to Miss Hannah Carter, and was the first in the settlement where they resided.

The first preacher was the Rev. James McMahan, and he held the first religions service at the residence of J. Lenhart. The next minister in the township was a Mormon. There were several of that tribe around from 1836 to 1838.

The first two schools taught in school-houses was in section seven, on the west side of the township, and in section twenty-four on the eastern border. They were both erected in 1842. They were, of course, built of logs, in the highest style of the art in vogue at that time. The neighbors united to put them up, and they were the joint property of the people of the district in which they were located.

The first school taught in the township on section seven, was by C. Needler, and he had some thirteen pupils, at the usual price of $1.50 per scholar, unless the higher branches were taught.

A school-house was erected in District No. 2 in the year 1847, while the first one built in District No. 5 was by E. K. Chubbuck, in 1869. At this time there are six districts and six good frame school-houses in Sheridan township, and in this history will be found under the chapter schools, a full and concise statement of the township fund and the number of pupils in the township.

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