Early Colfax Township Officers

The first census of Colfax township was taken by the general government in 1870—Colfax having been organized into a separate township the year before. A constable and two justices of the peace constituted the township officers until the township organization law was passed, which took effect in the spring of 1872. At that time an election was held and the following township officers elected:-

S. Reed Gurney, supervisor; J. R. Polk, clerk; David Crall, assessor; G. H. Thompson, collector; Granville Mallory, constable; A. J. Kemberling and A. B. Vickers, justices of the peace.

—S. Reed Gurney, supervisor; W. W. Snyder, clerk; Henry Covert, collector; Christopher Meyers, assessor; F. B. H. Brown,and J. J. Huston, justices; Granville Mallory, constable.

E. S. Gurney, trustee; W. W. Snyder, clerk; Samuel Cole, assessor; C. M. Meyers, collector.

—E. S. Gurney, trustee; Oliver Lewis, clerk; Henry Spaulding, assessor; A. J. Kemberling, collector; J. H. Mallory, constable; F. B. H. Brown and T. J. Jefferies, justices.

—E. S. Gurney, trustee; W. IL Spaulding, assessor; W. H. Osborn, collector; for clerk there was a tie vote between Oliver Lewis and Dr. D. M. Clagett, each receiving sixty-three votes. Oliver Lewis was awarded the office.

—E. S. Gurney, trustee; Oliver Lewis, clerk; Henry Spaulding, assessor; W. H. Osborn, collector; Samuel Stecker, constable; F. B. H. Brown and T. J. Jefferies, justices.

Township officers were discontinued in 1878, the law having been repealed, but at the last session of the General Assembly was reenacted, and the election in the spring of 1881 resulted as follows: David Crall, trustee; John L. Trice and W. S. Mallory, justices; John T. Shaw, clerk; M.. M. McPhetridge, constable and collector. These constitute the present township officers. –

The assessed valuation of this township in 1877, was for real estate $160,722,. and for personal property $66,705, giving a total of $227,427. The assessed valuation by townships will be taken for the year 1881, and the growth in wealth the past four years ascertained when the assessors’ reports are returned.

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