Civil Bend, Marion Township, Daviess County, Missouri

The principal town in this township is the village of Civil Bend, which is located on section twenty-four township sixty, range twenty-nine. It was laid off in 1868 by Gilbert Canfield, who surveyed twenty-four lots and had them platted as the town of Civil Bend. In 1880 it contained seventy-eight inhabitants, which number it is believed has been increased until the population is now about one hundred.

1881 Business Directory
As a county trading place the town transacts considerable business. The leading merchant of the place is Isaac J. Henderson, who carries a large and well-selected stock of general merchandise. The other prominent business men are

Perham & Roberts, dealers in general merchandise
Dr. J. W. Hightree
O. F. S. Shumway, druggists
Martin Smith, harness-maker
Ryan & Harmon and Fred Snider, blacksmiths
Drs. J. W. Hightree, S. L. Hardinger
E. H. Waggoner, physicians and surgeons
S. S. Ryan and Thomas Roberts, hotel proprietors
Moses Mallory, shoe-maker
R. Davis, barber
B. Stapp, restaurant proprietor and dealer in flour and feed
I. J. Henderson, postmaster

The first business house in Civil Bend was built by John T. Price.

The voting place of Marion township is at Civil Bend.

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4 thoughts on “Civil Bend, Marion Township, Daviess County, Missouri”

  1. Hi
    I am looking for the descendants of Bertram Stark who lived in 1874 in:
    Civil bend(be not?)
    Davies county
    I have a tintype picture of him for any descendants who might be interested.

    1. Ian, my wife Debra Stark Carver is a great granddaughter of Bertram Stark. We would be interested in the picture if you still have it. Thank you, Matthew Carver

  2. Hi
    Wonderful to hear from distant family across the pond. Bertram was my grandmothers uncle. She was Bertrams sister Eliza Haliburton Black Stark‘s daughter. She knew nothing about any family descending from Bertram. Discovering this side was a real surprise ,which I don’t understand. I have many questions and some interesting stories about the Starks. Treat your wife as royalty, she is! Unfortunately the wrong lot the Stewarts. Only half joking too!
    That male line dies out here. My Granny really thought there were no Starks left.

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