Churches of Winston, Missouri

There are two church organizations in the town of Winston; viz., the Methodist Episcopal and the Evangelical Association.

The Methodist Episcopal Church

This church was first organized in the year 1874 and was under the pastoral charge of the Rev. H. S. Barnes. The following year the congregation through the exertion of their pastor commenced the erection of a church edifice. The building was not completed that year, and in 1876, the Rev. Mr. Anderson succeeded Mr. Barnes as pastor of the church. The church was completed in 1876 and is a substantial frame building 30×46 feet in, size, with a tower and bell, and is otherwise neatly arranged and finished. The church has now a membership of seventy-five, and there is a flourishing Sunday-school connected with it.

The Evangelical Church

The above named church was first organized as far back as 1868, and was located in school district No. 1, of Colfax township. The members of this church are chiefly Germans, from Pennsylvania, whose characteristics are sobriety, industry and economy, and who are mostly farmers. They are a class that build up and enrich a country by their frugality, and Colfax township is largely indebted to them for her rapid progress the past few years, and of her present prosperity. In the fall of 1879, this congregation decided upon erecting a church in Winston; they settled in that vicinity and the town was convenient to all. A fine brick church was erected 32×44 feet in size, and finished substantially. It is an ornament to the town. With a present membership of fifty, and a Sunday-school which is in a prosperous condition, the Evangelical Church has a promising future.

There are a few other denominations in Winston, but not of sufficient number to form an organization at present. As the town grows, it is the hope to increase the members to a number that will warrant an organization that will be sustained.

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