Churches of Jefferson Township

Union Church

One of the oldest houses of worship in Daviess county is Union Church in Jefferson township. Erected in 1856, for many years it was the central, and about the only place of divine service in all that part of the country. Up to the commencement of the war, some three or four different denominations were there represented by respectable memberships. During the strife ministers ceased visiting the church, organizations became scattered, the house neglected, until now it is but a shadow of its former self: Near it is the cemetery, containing many of its founders whose names are not only associated with the erection of Union Church, but appear prominently on the pages of the history of the county, in connection with many of its enterprises.

It was not until the fall of 1872, that the old church was reorganized, when the Rev. J. B. Jewell, of Gallatin, visited the neighborhood and established regular preaching once more. Others have since followed, of whom was Rev. James Regan, who helped to keep up the good work, and the people rejoiced that they could again meet at the place of such hallowed memories to them.

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