Cooper County Wills Index: 1847-1871

The Cooper County wills index is an index to Cooper County, Missouri wills for volume A2 covering the years of 1847-1871, as found on MO 1 027 roll #53 of the Missouri State Archives. In indexing these records, we noticed that the ink was faded throughout the volume making some wills difficult to read.

91Allen David M.will1857
208Allison, Greenberywill1870
151Allison, Williamwill1864
120Allstadt, Jacobwill1860
25Amick, Jesse Wwill1851
101Apperson, Franciswill1858
67Ashley, Marthawill1855
90Babbitt, Jaromewill1857
131Beck, John Jeffreywill1861
122Beck, Preston Jr.will1860
170Bell, Adamwill1866
97Bidstrap, Herman E.will1858
134Boon, Marthawill1862
10Boulware, William L.will1848
114Bousfield, Henry Jr.will1860
172Bowers, Mahlonwill1866
117Brand, Johnwill1860
130Brand, William M.will1861
200Brown, Johnwill1870
60Buchanan, James Jr.will1854
14Buckner, Sarah A.will1849
164Carlos, Robert D.will1866
139Carnal, William H.will1863
56Carr, Washington M.will1854
46Cartner, Williamwill1853
169Chandler, Sarah Annwill1866
141Clark, Harriettwill1863
108Clark, Henry M.consent to act1859
163Clawson, Richardwill1865
21Coleman, Chas. E.will1851
100Combs, Johnwill1858
42Condra, Georgewill1853
33Cordry, Thomas M.will1852
34Crawford, Georgewill1852
28Cropper, Levenwill1852
98Culp, Josiah C. Sr.will1858
40Dickson, Ann H.will1853
99Douglass, James R.will1858
55Douglass, Ruthwill1854
26Dow, Jameswill1851
22Duncan, Delathiawill1851
66Durbin, John H.will1855
2Eller, Jacobwill1847
32Ellis, Nancy W.will1852
17Ellis, Williamwill1850
199Evans, Julia A.will1869
167Fairfax, Williamwill1866
126Felton, Johnwill1861
36Fields, Jameswill1852
156Finley, Marywill1865
20Forbes, Samuelwill1850
102Fore, Thomas A.will1858
136Forsythe, Nancywill1862
1Forsythe, Williamwill1847
19Fryer, James H.will1850
125Fulkerson, Frederick M.will1861
6Gabriel, Jacobwill1848
62Gale, Joshuawill1854
147Gale, Robert W.will1863
78Gay, Alexanderwill1856
175Gesel, Louiswill1867
27Gilbreath, Hughwill1852
157Givens, John S.will1865
103Givens, Robertwill1858
202Gray, Marywill1870
138Greenhalgh, Jameswill1862
144Gregory, Elizabethwill1863
54Griffith, Davidwill1854
138Haas, Williamwill1862
16Harnsberger, Emanuelwill1850
184Harrison, Robert C.will1868
187Harrison, Theodosiawill1868
38Hartt, George C.will1852
75Hayden, Peyton R.will1856
92Hill, John A.will1858
174Hillenkoetter, Gottleibwill1866
24Hocker, Samuel B.will1851
173Hogan, Davidwill1866
110Houston, Placebowill1859
171Houx, Fredericwill1866
51Houx, Jacobwill1853
145Hurt, Claytonwill1863
153Hurt, Mourningwill1864
79Hutchison, Nathanielwill1856
189Johnson, Mileswill1868
76Jolly, Williamwill1856
154Jones, Henrywill1864
112Jones, Jameswill1859
105Kemph, Leonardwill1859
140Kerns, Markwill1863
186Klein, Georgewill1868
178Koontz, Joseph Cwill1867
57Lacy, Jameswill1854
70Lacy, John Kwill1855
207Lacy, Juliawill1870
4Larimore, Hughwill1848
30Lee, Josephwill1852
43Leveridge, Reuben S.will1853
158Limond, Benjamin G.will1865
132Linn, Elizabeth A. R.will1861
133Lionberger, Isaacwill1862
143Logan, George W.will1863
127Lowry, James M.will1861
183Ludwig, Benjamin F.will1868
107Magruder, Owenwill1859
165Marchand, Josephwill1866
206Martin, Ishamwill1870
18Masten, Isaacwill1850
119McBride, Jameswill1860
64McCabe, Charleswill1855
15McCarty, Nicholaswill1850
73McClanahan, Jobewill1855
48McCulloch, Robertwill1853
50McCulloch, Thomaswill1853
180McCutchen, Hiramwill1868
177McCutchen, Johnwill1867
9McElroy, Johnwill1848
89McMahan, Jesse Nelsonwill1857
72McMahan, Thomaswill1855
198McPherson, Edward Bwill1869
128Meier, Katrinawill1861
83Miller, Georgewill1856
168Miller, Theobaldwill1866
63Morgan, Williamwill1854
52Morley, Eriwill1853
111Morris, Hammondwill1859
181Morrison, Levi R.will1868
87Morton, George W.will1857
5Neal, Charles Owill1848
61Neef, Georgewill1854
3Noel, T. W.will1847
118Norton, Johnwill1860
113O’Bryan, Turnerwill1859
58Ormrod, Josephwill1854
104Palmer, William M.will1858
129Parsons, Jameswill1861
204Peak, Peterwill1870
37Phillips, George W.will1852
188Pieringer, Antonwill1868
149Pogue, James Lwill1863
150Poindexter, Joseph S.will1863
135Pope, Henry L. G.will1862
166Ranson, M. J.will1866
86Read, Nelly C.will1857
159Read, Samuelwill1865
185Reavis, Lewis Dwill1868
123Reavis, Susan D.will1860
161Reece, Lydia R.will1865
80Rickey, Andrew C.will1856
47Robertson, Catherinewill1853
7Robertson, Edwardwill1848
121Rodgers, Hughwill1860
94Roe, Jameswill1858
39Rose, Lewiswill1852
124Rue, Lewiswill1860
59Russell, Thomaswill1854
84Rutherford, Charleswill1857
82Schieb, Jacobwill1856
152Settle, William M.will1864
160Shipley, Williamwill1865
81Shirley, Jesse L.will1856
23Shoemaker, Rufuswill1851
191Sloan, Williamwill1869
142Smart, Elirin H.will1863
88Smiley, Dujesalinwill1857
74Smiley, Nancywill1856
29Smith, Mary E.will1852
77Smith, William J.will1856
193Sommer, Lorenzwill1869
146Speed, William P.will1863
106Spenny, Weedonwill1859
109Staples, Josephwill1859
192Steinbeck, Jacobwill1869
197Steiner, Jacob D.will1869
93Stephens, Peterwill1858
44Stinson, Jameswill1853
176Stuckert, Belthaserwill1867
115Stule, Joseph B.will1860
182Sutherland, Thomas P.will1868
12Thompkins, Marywill1849
69Thompkins, Sallywill1855
190Thorp, Benjamin F.will1869
31Tivis, Jeremiahwill1852
137Tucker, Janewill1862
95Tucker, Mathew Jameswill1858
205Turley, Samuelwill1870
53Tutt, Gabrielwill1853
155Vandenpoel, Martinwill1865
203Varner, Elizabethwill1870
41Ventemans, Iramus Franciswill1853
162Volbrath, Georgewill1865
96Wallace, Robert Sr.will1858
116Walter, Jameswill1860
179Wells, Johnwill1867
209White, Susan G.will1871
8Wilkerson, James G.will1848
68Wilkins, Josephwill1855
201Williams, Griffithwill1870
11Williams, Richardwill1849
35Williamson, Johnwill1852
196Williamson, Thomas Wwill1869
71Wilson, Alfred Twill1855
65Winders, Edwardwill1855
195Winsor, Elisha Fwill1869
148Witherspoon, Finis A.will1863
45Wooldridge, Margaretwill1853
13Wooldridge, Samuelwill1849
85Wright, George W.will1857
49Zackery, Lucywill1853
194Zaringer, Josephwill1869

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