Cooper County Wills Index: 1818-1841

The Cooper County wills index is an index to Cooper County, Missouri wills for volume A covering the years of 1818-1841, as found on MO 1 027 roll #53 of the Missouri State Archives. In indexing these records, we noticed there were very few in number and the ink was smeared and faded throughout the volume.

1Allee, Davidwill18351835
2Bigham, Johnwill18261826
3Bowden, Uriahwill18261827
4Boyd, Robertwill18351835
5Calvert, John Srwill18391839
6Campbell, Josephwill18281838
7Carter, Jameswill18211821
8Cartner, Williamwill18231823
9Conner, Martinwill18251825
10Corum, Helierwill18331833
11Cranmer, Georgewill18321832
12Davis, Traversewill18241824
13Drinkwater, Fannahwill18351835
14Farris, Micajahwill18321832
15Flonnoy, Jones Hwill18401840
16Fort, Spearwill18281828
17Givens, Alexanderwill182?1833
18Hammons, Georgewill18201821
19Hassell, Johnwill18121820
20Jennings, Martinwill18331841
21Jolly, Josephwill18351835
22Langley, Moseswill18181820
23Lee, Richard Hwill18351835
24Longan, Janewill18391840
25Mahan, Thomas M Srwill18211821
26Martin, Williamwill18291835
27Massie, Sylvanuswill18261827
28McClannahan, Joshuawill18361837
29McClure, Josephwill18201821
30McFarland, William Bwill18391839
31Meredith, Absolemwill18351835
32Murphey, Marywill18411841
33Parker, Thomaswill18371841
34Potter, Georgedeclaration of will18251826
35Reairl, Andrew Awill18401840
36Reavis, Davidwill18261826
37Rees, Abrahamwill18291829
38Scritchfield, Jameswill18321833
39Shepherd, Johnwill18261826
40Stephens, Josephwill18361836
41Story, Jameswill18331836
42Tutt, Richardwill18401840
43Wadley, Moseswill18391839
44Wear, Hughwill18301830
45Westbrook, Josephwill18301833
46Westbrook, Richardwill18321833
47Williams, Lukewill18241825
48Woods, Peterwill18251825

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