Biography of Theodore Blatter of Maryville

Theodore Blatter, born March 23, 1849, in Baden, Germany, became a leading German-American citizen of Nodaway County, Missouri. Immigrating to the U.S. in 1869, he initially settled in Illinois before moving to Maryville in 1872. Blatter established a successful butcher business and invested in local real estate, including a notable block on North Main Street and a 22-acre property in Maryville. Married to Elizabeth Wittauer in 1875, they had four children: Anna, B.F., Willie, and Anthony. A Democrat and devout Catholic, Blatter is remembered for his community contributions and business integrity.

The United States can boast of no better or law-abiding class of citizens than the great number of German people who have found homes within her borders. Though holding clear and sacred the beloved mother country, they are none the less devoted to the fair land of their adoption. Among this class is Theodore Blatter, now living in retirement in Maryville, who for a number of years has been one of the leading German citizens of Nodaway County, where he has labored not only for his own advancement, but also for the good of the community, his efforts having been amply repaid with abundant financial success and the esteem of his fellowmen.

Mr. Blatter was born in Baden, Germany, March 23, 1849, and there he grew to maturity and was educated. In 1869 he came to the United States, locating in Morgan County, Illinois, where an uncle had located and there engaged in the butcher business. He spent three years with his uncle, in the meantime sending for his brother, who was in Germany. In the fall of 1872, he came to Maryville in company with an old Englishman whom he met in Illinois. After locating here Mr. Blatter worked in the butcher shop of William Yehle for one year, and the next year he and Lambert Yehle opened a shop and continued as partners for a period of twelve years, during which time they built up a very thriving business. After Mr. Yehle retired, Mr. Blatter continued the operation of the shop alone until about 1895. He was centrally located and enjoyed an excellent trade. In 1873 he started in with a capital of only five hundred dollars, but by good management and economy he became one of the substantial businessmen of the town. He erected a large and substantial block on North Main Street which he rented for a period of twenty years. He built his attractive home in 1879 at the southwest corner of the town, where he owns twenty-two acres. He also bought a platted block several years ago at the intersection of Grant and Walnut streets. He also owns other desirable property, two residences on Dewey street and four lots in town.

Fred Blatter, brother of Theodore, was in Maryville for some time, but is now engaged in business in Denver, Colorado.

Mr. Blatter was married while living in Morgan County, Illinois, in 1875, to Elizabeth Wittauer, who was born in Germany. This union resulted in the birth of four children, namely: Anna is living at home; B. F. is conducting a meat shop in Maryville; Willie is a student in the college at Conception. graduating with the class of 1910; Anthony also is in college at Conception.

Mr. Blatter is a Democrat politically. He was reared in the Catholic church, and he and his family are members of St. Mary’s and very faithful in their attendance and support of the same.

Mr. Blatter is a man whom it is a pleasure to meet, whole-hearted, jovial, genial, always hospitable in his home and he has led such a life of activity and scrupulous honesty that his friends are legion wherever he is known, for they have been able to trust him in all the relations of life, and his large success in a business way has been due to his desire to deal fairly with his patrons at all times.


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