History of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, Dade County, Missouri

Mt. Pisgah was organized not far from the present town of Dadeville, Dade County, Missouri, on the 14th day of February, 1836, and is therefore the oldest (Baptist) church of which we have any record in the bounds of the early association of Southwest Missouri. The members in the constitution were Martin Waddle, Elisha Henson, Ann Henson, Polly Henson, Hiram Savage, William Barnes, Margaret Barnes, Margery LeForz, and Catherine McDowell. The twelve articles of faith adopted are in good accord with the articles usually adopted by Baptists, also the rules of decorum, except that the church will have nothing to do with missionary societies, home or foreign. The presbytery in the organization was Elder. Andrew Kingery and Elder. Elijah Williams. In April on the second Sunday, in the year 1836, Elder Williams baptized Abraham Casebier, Eleanor M. Casebier, and Isaac Allen, and on Monday the 11th, Elder Williams baptized James LeForz, Jeanette Le Forz, Campbell English and Polly Ann Banks and Nancy Barnes. On Sunday April 22, Elder Kingery baptized sisters Elizabeth English and Polly Ann French and Nancy Barnes. Hiram Savage was ordained to the full work of the ministry on the third Saturday in July, 1836 by Elders Williams and Kingery the presbytery. On Sunday Nelson McDowell was baptized by Elder Williams. Martin Waddle and James LeForz were the first clerics, followed by Nelson McDowell, who remained in office several years. Elder Hiram Savage baptized Luke W. Savage on Sunday, March 19, 1837. In April of this year it was agreed that the church have their communion in May and September and that the example of foot-washing be attended to after the Supper. Elder Savage also baptized brethren Samuel and J.F. LeForz October, 1837. Elder H. Savage was elected pastor October, 1838. Elder Jesse Mason seems to follow Elder Savage in the pastorate from December 1840, until December 1842. Elder Thomas J. Kelly appears to officiate until March, 1856, he received a call from the church again and replied he would serve if the church would meet with him on Saturdays. Elders Williams, Savage, White, Isaac Ruth and other preachers officiated occasionally.

Elder George White was called October, 1856, but no evidence of his acceptance is recorded. Elder Kelly was again called April, 1857, but from all we can gather did not accept for his name does not regularly occur in the minutes. Again on January, 1858 he received another call from the church but he decided to decline and some of the members were opposed to his doctrine. In February, 1858, Elder Jas. Kennon was chosen pastor and brethren Thomas McDaniel, Martin Holder and Jesse Kerby were appointed to wait on him to know his will in regard to serving the church. In February, 1859, Elder Ford filled the pulpit, and in June, 1859, Elder J.E.B. Justice was called by acclimation as pastor. Brethren Martin Holder and R.M. Hayter were appointed to wait on him. On June 1, 1862, Elder Wm. H. Gates was called to the pastorate. In August, 1864, Elder Justice was again chosen for one year. A brother Morgan was excluded for being in sympathy with secessionists.

In April 1856, Elder Justice was invited to the care of the church the remainder of that year, but Elder George Long was elected in may following, and brethren E. S. Rook, Martin Holder, J.V. Grisham, and A.W.Pickett were appointed to wait on him. Elected Elder Jas. Kennon in May, 1867 as pastor and A. W. Pickett and T.C. Kerby appointed to wait on him. The minutes are continued no further than November 1867. There is no data concerning this church at hand. We find on looking over the records some names that call up sacred memories, such as Glies Rector, Elizabeth Rector and Rhoda Jane Rector who were received as members by letter, and in June, 1855, Elizabeth Ethridge, Geo. Ward and Prucie, his wife, and Cordelia Ethridge were received by letter, and on the same day Jacob and Jacob P. and Susanna and Rhoda Rector were dismissed by letter.


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