Biography of William Y. McLemore of Everton

William Y. McLemore, born in 1852 in Dade County, Missouri, was the son of Archibald and Mary (Brown) McLemore. He was the fourth of six children. Raised on a farm and educated in common schools, William entered the mercantile business in 1878 with G.W. Wilson at Crossroads. When the railroad reached Everton, they moved their business there, building the first store. In 1884, William founded McLemore Brothers with his brothers Robert F. and Jasper M., becoming a leading mercantile firm in Dade County. The firm had annual sales of about $30,000. In 1881, he married Serepta C. Wheeler, and they had three children, two of whom survived. A Republican, William voted for Hayes in 1876. He and his wife were Presbyterians.

William Y. McLemore, born in Dade County in 1852, son of Archibald and Mary (Brown) McLemore, is the senior member of the firm of McLemore Brothers, general merchants and dealers in farm implements, livestock, etc., established in July 1884. The value of their sales annually is about $30,000, the value of the stock being about $8,000. The subject of this sketch, the fourth child of a family of six, three sons and three daughters, was raised on the farm, received a common school education, and remained at home till 1878, when he entered the mercantile business at Crossroads with G. W. Wilson, where they remained. In business till the railroad was built, at which time they removed to Everton and built the first store building, which was m the woods. The firm continued till 1882, in September, when Mr. McLemore retired, and in 1884 established the present firm with his brothers, Robert F. and Jasper M. This firm is one of the strongest mercantile firms in Dade County. They began with nothing, are thorough-going and live businessmen, and upright citizens. In 1881 William Y. married Serepta C., daughter of Calvin and Acenith Wheeler, formerly of East Tennessee, but early settlers of Dade County, where Mrs. McLemore was born, and where the father died. The mother died in Kansas. Mr. Wheeler was a merchant and manufacturer. Our subject has had three children, two of whom are living. In politics he is a Republican, voting for Hayes in 1876. He and wife are Presbyterians.


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