Biography of Thomas McDermid of Lockwood Township

Thomas McDermid, a farmer and stock-dealer in Lockwood Township, was born in Ontario, Canada, in 1843. He was the second of seven children of John and Margaret (Frazier) McDermid, and the grandson of Hugh McDermid, a native of Scotland who immigrated to Canada. Thomas was raised on a farm and educated in common schools. In August 1869, he married Elizabeth N. Crozier, with whom he had two children. The family moved to Dade County, Missouri, in 1870, eventually settling near Lockwood. McDermid owned 320 acres of well-improved land and was a leading pioneer settler. He was the president of the Lockwood Union Agricultural, Mechanical and Stock Association from 1886 to 1889 and was active in promoting education and community development. A member of the Reformed Presbyterian Church and a Prohibitionist, McDermid was dedicated to farming and cattle raising.

Thomas McDermid, farmer and stock-dealer of Lockwood Township, was born in Ontario, Canada, in 1843, and is the second of seven children, five sons and two daughters, born to John and Margaret (Frazier) McDermid, and the grandson of Hugh McDermid, who was a native of Scotland, and remained there until after his marriage, when he and wife removed to Lower Canada, and afterward to Upper Canada, and there passed the remainder of their lives. John McDermid was born in Quebec, Canada, and his wife was born in Scotland. When about fifteen years of age she came with her parents to America, settled in Lower Canada, and was there married to Mr. McDermid. They soon after moved to Ontario, Canada, where they are both living. Thomas McDermid was reared on the farm and received his education in the common schools. He was married in August 1869, to Miss Elizabeth N., daughter of Thomas and Margaret Crozier. Mrs. McDermid was born in Canada, and by her marriage became the mother of two children, a son and daughter. In 1870 they came to Dade County, Mo., and two years afterward settled on the prairie near Lockwood, and here they have since remained. He has 320 acres of well-improved land and is one of the leading pioneer settlers. He has an attractive and beautiful home. He was president of Lockwood Union Agricultural, Mechanical and Stock Association, at its organization in 1886, and was re-elected in 1887, 1888 and 1889, and is an earnest worker for the cause of education and for the upbuilding of the county. He and wife are members of the Reformed Presbyterian Church. Mr. McDermid is the only one of his father’s family living in Dade County, Mo. One brother is living in Dakota, and they are the only ones in the United States. Mr. McDermid is a thorough-going, practical farmer and stock-grower, and is principally engaged in the raising of cattle. Politically he is a Prohibitionist, and longs for the day when strong drink, the worst enemy of man, shall be banished from the land. Mrs. McDermid’s father was born in Ireland, and her mother in England. They left their native land when young, and settled in Canada, where they were married, and where they remained until 1872, when they moved to Dade County, Mo. Here they both died, Mr. Crozier on November 26, 1877, and Mrs. Crozier about seven years previous. Mr. Crozier was a well-to-do farmer and stock-raiser.


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