Lincoln Township, Daviess County, Missouri

Lincoln, the northeast township in Daviess county, is located mostly in township sixty-one of range twenty-six. One mile wide, however, running across the north part of the township its entire width is in congressional township No. 62. It contains some of the most beautiful tracts of land to be found in Daviess or any other county. A magnificent prairie, gently undulating, giving it a natural drainage and at the same time giving the whole country a beautiful and picturesque appearance to the eye of the traveler as he passes through its well cultivated fields and views the pleasant homes and …

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Lincoln Missouri Churches and Schools

Pilot Grove Church This is the oldest church in the township and one of the oldest in the county, and is of the Baptist denomination. It was originally organized in 1840, by Rev. William Mikels, its first pastor, and the original members were Joseph Everly and wife, John Mikels and wife, John J. Everly, Lucy Bear and Mrs. Sarah Mikels. The congregation built a log church in the summer of 1845, at a cost of about $100. The pastors were Revs. William Mikels, Elijah Morrill, John Smith, William Baldwin and Joseph Wood. The church grew and flourished until 1857, when …

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Lincoln Missouri Official Record

Lincoln township was first organized in 1870, and was taken from the territory of Grand River, being one of the three original townships in the county -and the largest of the three. The municipal boundaries have been described on a previous page. It was not until what was called the new township organization law was passed, that township officers were elected, outside of’. constable and justices of the peace. That law passed the General Assembly in the winter of 1871-72, and township officers were elected the spring following. The law was repealed in 1877-78, and reenacted in the session held …

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Lincoln Township, Daviess County, Missouri Biographies

The following contains brief biographies of men from Lincoln Township, Missouri. You can search the entire listing using the search at the bottom of the page. Barngrover, James H. Booram, Isaac W. Brown, William T. Burrell, Charles W. Cole, William R. Crews, William H. Forth, James Forth, Joseph T. Gooding, John L. Graham, John A. Griffith, George W. Harden, William Lierley, Solomon Madden, Francis M. Markey, John McDougal, John F. Netherton, Moses G. Nighswonger, Peter Rader, Joseph Scott, Caleb Sparks, William R. Terry, John Witten, Charles F. Witten, Charles H. Witten, William M. Back to: Daviess County

First Settlement of Lincoln Township Missouri

As has been before remarked the township is nearly all prairie, but still it is far from being devoid of woodland. Numerous creeks traverse its boundaries giving both wood and water. The principal creeks and streams which pass through, nearly all of which take their rise within the territorial limits of the township, are Pilot Grove Creek, Bullard’s Branch, Lang Creek, Little Creek, Hickory Creek, and several other streams which fairly interlace the township and upon whose banks a supply of wood is found. Numerous springs also dot the surface, and wells of good water are found at the depth …

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Firsts of Lincoln Township

The first marriage, the date of which memory has kept green, was that of Miss Maria Seats to Samuel Haves. The nuptial ceremony was performed at the house of Joseph Everly in the month of December, 1840, by the Rev. William Mikels. The young couple started out with a host of friends and their well wishes, and had bright anticipations of their own happiness. The first child was William H., son of Peter and Lucy Bear, who was born April 15, 1839; the next was G. W. Williams. The first girl born in the township was Hannah J. Mikels, daughter …

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Bancroft, Lincoln Township, Daviess County, Missouri

Bancroft History The town of Bancroft is pleasantly situated in the northwest corner of the township, and is located in townships sixty-one and sixty-two, being on the township line dividing them, and about one mile from the Sullivan county line and the same distance from the west line of the township. Is is principally built upon sections five and thirty-two. It was laid out in the year 1857, by John Oram and Thomas Mikels, each giving five acres of land for the site of the town. The first merchant being Washington Nichols and the first blacksmith shop was that of …

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