Towns of Jackson Missouri

Jackson township can boast of two villages, not of very great proportions but like all rising towns they believe immensely in their future. They are both on the line of the St. Louis & Omaha Railroad, some five miles apart and of course a great convenience to the farmers and stock-raisers in that vicinity. Lock Springs, situated in the southwest corner of the township, and the county as well, claims a solid population, on a fair count, of fifty. It is a railroad station with a depot building and has the following business houses: Francis M. Burris, druggist Litton & …

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Jackson Missouri History

Jackson township is the second in size in the county, covering nearly a congressional township and a-half, and containing 31,174.14 acres of excellent land. The crystal waters of Clear Creek traverses. its eastern border; Lake Creek in the southeast; Hurricane and Brushy Creeks, through the center of the township, gives a splendid supply of water. The Big Muddy trails its devious course through the southwestern part, while the murky waters of Grand River bounds the entire southern border. It is one of the best watered townships in the county. Some of the finest timber covers at least two-thirds of its …

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Jackson Township, Daviess County, Missouri

When Daviess county took upon itself the robes of official life, and secured a local habitation and a name among. her sister counties of the State, Jackson township was not given a name, but all this territory lying east and northeast of Grand River was known as Grand River township. When it was discovered that the three original townships which extended to the Iowa State line were somewhat too extensive in territory, Jackson township then became known to fame and the people of Daviess county. In 1859 Jackson township formed one of the seven which composed the municipal boundaries of …

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Jackson Missouri Organization and Officers

Under the organization of the new township law in 1872 the first township election was held and the following officers chosen to attend to township affairs for one year, and until their successors were elected and qualified: William B. Smith, supervisor; George W. Martin, clerk; Harrison A. Brown, assessor; A. L. Buzzard, collector; John A. Rhea, constable; James Critten and Nathaniel Houston, justices of the peace. Nathaniel Houston declined to serve as justice and William G. Eads was appointed. 1873 William B. Smith, supervisor; G. W. Martin, clerk; A. L. Buzzard, collector; William B. Johnson, assessor; Theodore Peniston and Robert …

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Jackson Township, Daviess County, Missouri Biographies

The following contains brief biographies of men from Jackson Township, Missouri. You can search the entire listing using the search at the bottom of the page. Bradshaw, Thomas Burge, John W. Burris, Francis M. Carter, James H. Critten, James Critter, Joseph Dinsmore, S. K. Drummond, James P. Grove, Robert C. Head, T. B., M. D. Hill, George. W. Jr. Huston, John A. Johnson, W M. P. Dr. Langford, Turner Litton, George W. Marley, John B., M. D. Martin, A. L. McCue, Isaac M. Miller, David G. Minnick, Alfred C. Minnick, Isaac C. Naylor, F. M. Offield, Joseph Oxford, John Peniston, …

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Firsts of Jackson Township Missouri

It was in 1833 that the first white settler made his home in Jackson township. Robert J. Peniston, who first settled Millport, built a cabin within its limits. Daniel Girdner, who, like Peniston, came from Kentucky, John Oxford and Robert McHaney, all from the same State, were the oldest of these settlers who staked out claims in the township. Theodore Peniston, son of Robert, is at present the oldest settler now living. There was but little difference in the settlement of this township from the others. They had their trials and hardships to contend with, and they had to find …

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Churches of Jackson Township

New Design Church This church was organized August 17, 1857, with thirteen original members, as follows: Nathaniel Huston, Nancy Minnick, Mary J. Minnick, Elizabeth A. Minnick, Fidelia Offield, Elizabeth Hicks, Margaret Welborn, Mary Brown, Mary Minniek, Rachel Huston, Elizabeth Raider, John Raider and Anna Raider. They built their church in March, 1870, at a cost of $700. It is a neat frame structure, plainly furnished. The ministers who have officiated since its organization are as follows, in the order named : Rev. S. Robert Speer, John W. French, D. Walker, J. W. French, A. F. Cooper, W. D. Doods, Robert …

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