Harrison Missouri Officers

The township organization law which passed the General Assembly of the State of Missouri in the session of 1871-1872 was adopted by Daviess county, and the first election under its provisions took place in April 1872. The election resulted in favor of the following named township officers: Walker Reed, supervisor; Stephen Ballinger, clerk; E. E. Weldon, assessor; O. Ramsbottom, collector; Mat. Goings, constable; Joseph Stephens, S. J. Bennett, justices of the peace. 1873-T. R. Tuggle, supervisor; J. M. Reed, clerk; C. McCroy, collector; E. E. Weldon, assessor; S. J. Bennett, J. C. Griffin, justices; M. Goings, constable. 1874-Thomas R. Tuggle, …

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Harrison Missouri Churches and Schools

Lick Fork Baptist Church The Lick Fork Baptist Church was organized July 18, 1869, with nine members, their names being: David Giltner, James Harlow, Wilson Paff, E. Jackson, Mary T. Morrow, Tabitha Cox, Mary A. Foley, Mary Paff and Huldah J. Harlot. The church has been an exceedingly flourishing one, and soon gained in membership and influence. Its good work is amply evidenced in the present prosperous condition. A church was built in 1871, at a cost of $1,500, and completed in time for occupancy in December of the same year. Elder G. A. Crouch, an earnest worker in the …

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Harrison Township, Daviess County, Missouri

What is now Harrison township was one of the first settled portions of Daviess county, the first settler finding his home on Lick Fork in the year 1831. Eli Wilson and Benedict Weldon were the first two settlers. Wilson staked his claim on section twenty-eight, while Weldon drove his stake on section twenty-one; both came from Tennessee. Nicholas Trosper came from Kentucky and located on section twenty-six, near the banks of the Grand River. Elijah Trosper also came from Kentucky, and made his home on section thirty-four. Thomas Reed came from the same State and located on the same section. …

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Early History of Harrison Township Missouri

The first marriage which is remembered was that of William P. Dunnington to Miss Elizabeth Osborn, which took place in the fall of 1840. The young couple were provided with o a regular pioneer outfit, consisting of a bake pan, a pot, a big fireplace in a brand new log cabin, and a few other necessary luxuries for the fair young bride, while Mr. Dunnington boasted of a six pound ax, and a rifle which marked death at 300 yards. The future of this young couple, owing to their splendid start in life, was considered extremely promising. The first child …

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Biographies of Harrison Township, Missouri

The following contains brief biographies of men from Harrison Township, Missouri. You can search the entire listing using the search at the bottom of the page. Bennett, Fisher Rice Dale, Lawrence T. Dunnington, William P. Hall, Robert Samuel Hershberger, Noah Miller, Samuel N. Ramsbottom, Obadiah Trosper, Gilley N. Trosper, James B. Trotter, George May, Col. Weldon, James H.

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