Pattonsburg Missouri Churches and Schools

Baptist Church The Missionary Baptist Church of Pattonsburg was organized February 2, 1881, and the original members were William G. Weldon, Louis Noble, E. H. Tillery, H. B. Tillery, F. R. Bullock, J. H. Weldon, N. G. Dillon, Rebecca Noble, Mary Shanks, D. E. Dillon, M. J. Weldon, Lucy M. Christie, Elizabeth Hardin, and Melvina Robbins. Another member has joined since and they have now in course of erection, and nearly completed a handsome frame structure thirty-six by fifty feet at a cost of $1,500. The Liberty Church near McFalls was erected in 1860 and is well sustained. The Free …

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Pattonsburg, Benton Township, Daviess County, Missouri

The town is situated on the bottom lands on the bank of Sampson Creek, in a place called “Elm Flats” from the number of elms growing upon it. The old town of Pattonsburg was located about one and a half miles north of the present location, and went by that name since 1845. Matthew Patton built the first water-mill in the township, just on the edge of town, on Big Creek, and from being called Patton’s Mill, it became changed to Pattonsburg as the name of the settlement. The location of the town was up on a rolling eminence, with …

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Firsts of Benton Township Missouri

H. W. Enyart taught the first school in the township and possibly in the county. He taught at his house in the sunnier and winter of 1837, and had same ten pupils. The tuition fee was two dollars and a half a scholar for a term of three months, taken in the currency of the realm, which was of assorted stock and variegated in color. There was no discount on the assortment; a gold dollar wasn’t any better than a deer skin, and a bushel or so of corn was just as good, if not a little better, for home …

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Crystal Springs, Benton Township, Davies County, Missouri

One of the institutions of Benton township, and we might say of the county, are the famous Crystal Springs. They are situated on the farm of John Gagan, about five miles northwest of Pattonsburg, on Crystal Springs Branch, a small creek which empties into Sampson Creek, not far distant. There is a beautiful grove of forest trees near the springs, which are three in number, and chemical analysis has shown them to possess wonderful curative properties. The last few years they have become famous, and camping parties, numbering thousands, during the summer months, drink of their healing waters. There is …

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The Death of Lockwood

One of the foulest crimes committed during those dark days of civil strife was the murder of David Lockwood. He was an old man, in the sixty-sixth year of his age, a Tennesseean by birth and a Missourian by adoption, having removed to this State in 1844. He located on section six, and had a neat, well improved farm. Being an old man he remained neutral in the strife around him, attending to his business and looking after his stock and farm. He lost considerable property at different times taken by roving parties calling themselves militia. On the morning of …

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Benton Township Boundary Extended

Notwithstanding the many changes that had taken place, and the belief that the rearrangement of township lines in 1870 would be final, Freedom township was completely wiped out within three months, and Grant township had its name changed to Jamesport. The next and last change comes to Benton township in 1878. The County Court on August 5th, 1878, ordered that sections thirty-one to thirty-two inclusive of township sixty-one of range twenty-nine, now a part of Marion township, be added to Benton, and henceforth Benton township shall include all of township No. 61 of range 29 and sections 31, 32, 33, …

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Benton Township, Daviess County, Missouri

Benton township lies in the northwest corner of the county, and is in area seven miles north and south and six miles east and west and contains within its borders 26,695? – acres of laud. The township is heavily timbered, there not being over three or four sections of prairie land in the township out of the forty-two sections it contains. The magnificent forests are a mine of wealth to the inhabitants, and they are aware of its value. Oak, hickory, walnut, elm, etc., are the principal varieties of timber, although almost every kind that grows in this latitude can …

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Benton Township Now and when Settled

Benton township is bounded on the north by Harrison county, on the east by Salem township, on the south by Marion, and on the west by Gentry county. The territory occupies all of township sixty-one of range twenty-nine, and also sections thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three, thirty-four, thirty-five and thirty-six of township sixty-two, range twenty-nine. It is the fourth township in size and the second in point of population, the census of 1880 giving it 1,875 in number. It was originally a part of Grindstone township, one of the three original townships organized when the county was formed in 1837, and remained …

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Benton Township, Daviess County, Missouri Biographies

The following contains brief biographies of men from Benton Township, Missouri. You can search the entire listing using the search at the bottom of the page. Atkinson, William C. Bailey, Jasper N. Best, H. B. Casebolt, John W. Christie, E. B. Deskin, W. H. Dillon, N. G. Earl, William Ellis, E. Jr. Erwin, William P. Gagan, John Hill, Charles E. Lockwood, Jane Mrs. Mattingly, Thomas J. M. D. McMillion, James Meadows, James A. Meadows, Nancy Mrs. Miller, W. T. Newcomb, Mary A. Mrs. Persinger, Obadiah Shaw, C. R. Smith, David M. Utz, George M. Venable, F. E. Dr. Walker, Thomas …

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