Winston Missouri Incorporation

A communication was received from Winston by the writer in answer to information asked for, stating that the town of Winston was incorporated in 1875, with a board of trustees composed of the following gentlemen: D. M. Clagett, Joseph Swike, T. J. Jefferies, Henry Koons, and A.J. Kemberling. As the year and some of the names differ from the act of incorporation, the above has been given. The following is of record and seems to have been after the regular act of incorporation, and is dated on August 21, 1877. “Now at this day comes A. J. Kemberling et al, …

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Societies of Winston Missouri

This order has a fine lodge numbering fifty-one members, and is known as Winston Lodge No. 371. It was organized in the spring of 1877 with twelve charter members, as follows: F. B. H. Brown, William Leeper, Henry Koons, John Kalbfleisch, John T. Shaw, Joseph Swike, M. J. Benson, George W. Zentz, James T. Matchett, B. M. Bickel, W. P. Castor, and William S. Mallory. The charter is dated March 5, 1877. The names of the first officers of Winston Odd Fellows Lodge, are F. B. H. Brown, N. G.; Joseph Swike, V. G.; John T. Shaw, Sec’y; M. J. …

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History of Winston, Daviess County, Missouri

The town of Winston, the metropolis of Colfax township, and destined to become one of the largest, if not the most populous town in the county, excepting only the county seat, is beautifully located upon a commanding eminence, a view from which is by far the finest in Daviess county. It has a greater extent of rich farming country tributary to it than any town in the county, not even excepting Gallatin, and if a public spirit of enterprise is exhibited will soon rival in population and wealth the seat of justice of Daviess. It has every element of prosperity …

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History of Publishing in Winston Missouri

In the year 1878, E. A. Huson began the publication of a newspaper at Winston called The Winston News. This flourished, or seemingly so, for a period of six months, when death claimed it. It was a bright and newsy little sheet but ahead of the times. In 1880 the long-felt want was again filled by E. A. Martin, starting a weekly paper and calling it the New Era. He tried hard to believe a really new era had started in Winston, but after a year’s struggle the New Era ceased to exist. This ended the newspaper business, as at …

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History of Crofton, Daviess County, Missouri

August 17, 1871, the new station on the Chicago & Southwestern Railroad, half way between Gallatin on the northeast and Cameron on the southwest was given for a short time the name of Crofton. This elevated and undulating prairie was said to be the highest point of land in the county and was owned by Mrs. Susan Ethington, Frederick Croft, Jacob Fleisher and Henry Koons. The owners donated a large portion of the town site to the railroad company, both for railroad and town purposes. The railroad company in turn conveyed to a few persons interested, at Gallatin, who formed …

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Churches of Winston, Missouri

There are two church organizations in the town of Winston; viz., the Methodist Episcopal and the Evangelical Association. The Methodist Episcopal Church This church was first organized in the year 1874 and was under the pastoral charge of the Rev. H. S. Barnes. The following year the congregation through the exertion of their pastor commenced the erection of a church edifice. The building was not completed that year, and in 1876, the Rev. Mr. Anderson succeeded Mr. Barnes as pastor of the church. The church was completed in 1876 and is a substantial frame building 30×46 feet in, size, with …

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1881 Winston Missouri Business Directory

J. Swike, dry goods, groceries, etc. Watson & Homer, dry goods, groceries, etc. F. B. H. Brown, drugs and medicines J. T. Shaw, drugs and medicines S. Clark & Co., hardware P. A. Haney, hardware William Shepherd, groceries C. B. Munson, grocery and restaurant Wade & Bellinger, grocery and restaurant J. M. Handy, grain and lumber dealer Swike, Koons & Cole, grain dealers Cave & Fales, livery stable Frank Calhoun, livery stable Robert J. Whitchurch, blacksmith N. Whetstone, blacksmith Robert Munson, wagon-maker Mrs. Susan Brinegar, millinery P. H. McAthe, artist F. C. Eastman, D. M. Clagett and H. E. Brook, …

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