Early Jamesport Missouri Affairs

The first meeting of the board of trustees of which a record is found occurred on the 24th of April, 1873, and at this meeting the following officers were appointed for the ensuing year: P. H. Lilly, chairman; C. E. Orcutt, clerk and collector; C. M. Hutchison, assessor; William Wineland, marshal; George H. Smith, treasurer. At the next meeting of the board of trustees, May 5, 1873, the first town ordinances were passed. The next election for town officers, etc., was on April 7th, 1874, and the following named gentlemen were elected as the board for the ensuing year; to-wit, …

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Jamesport Missouri, City of Fourth Class

On the twenty-fourth day of December, 1880, the board of trustees drew up and passed an ordinance to submit to the legal voters of the town of Jamesport a proposition as to whether the citizens of said town should elect to become a city of the fourth class. The citizens would much have preferred to be a city of the first class, in fact their modesty had been so far overcome as to claim the title of “first city of Daviess county,” but rather than remain a town any longer, they would try the position of a fourth-class city and …

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History of Jamesport, Daviess County, Missouri

Jamesport is the metropolis of Jamesport township and was originally located on section twenty-seven of township sixty, range twenty-six, but owing to there being much land in that vicinity and a disposition on the part of the enterprising inhabitants to spread themselves, a portion of the town can be found on sections twenty-six and thirty-four, besides the original plat still located on twenty-seven. It was away back in ante bellum days that Jamesport was first settled. In the year 1858 it had a small gathering of settlers who concluded to build up a village, and with a store, a blacksmith-shop, …

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Firsts of Jamesport Township Missouri

First Marriage Whether it be strange or not, marriage and giving in marriage was an institution in those pioneer days, and a pioneer’s life seemed to be no draw-back, but rather an incentive, to married life. The young people of those-days seemed to believe that success would attend their united efforts, and so a log cabin, a puncheon floor, a couple of pots, a little corn meal and a venison ham or two, was considered a pretty good wedding outfit, with the world before them. In the year 1840 the first wedding took place in Jamesport township. It was the …

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Benton Township Boundary Extended

Notwithstanding the many changes that had taken place, and the belief that the rearrangement of township lines in 1870 would be final, Freedom township was completely wiped out within three months, and Grant township had its name changed to Jamesport. The next and last change comes to Benton township in 1878. The County Court on August 5th, 1878, ordered that sections thirty-one to thirty-two inclusive of township sixty-one of range twenty-nine, now a part of Marion township, be added to Benton, and henceforth Benton township shall include all of township No. 61 of range 29 and sections 31, 32, 33, …

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