Postmasters of Gallatin City, Missouri

The first postoffice in Daviess county was at Millport, and it was established in the fall of 1835. Previous to that time, Richmond, Ray county, was the principal postoffice for this section of the country. When Millport was losing ground by the location of the county seat at Gallatin, the postoffice was brought to the new town, and G. W. Worthington was post-master, and he probably also officiated at Millport, and as he was one of the first, if not the first, to put up a cabin at the new county seat, he brought the postoffice with him. This was …

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Lodges and Organizations of Gallatin City, Missouri

I. O. O. F. Gallatin Lodge No. 167 This lodge was instituted by R. A. Debolt, D. D. G. M. and the date of dispensation was April 10, 1867. It received its charter May 22, 1867. The charter members were Pines R. Dunn, John T. Taylor, W. H. Folrasbee, R. L. Dodge and S. A. Black. In effecting the organization the following officers were chosen; to-wit, W. H. Fohnsbee, N. G.; S. A. Black, V. G.; Pines R. Dunn, R. secretary; R. L. Dodge, P. secretary; and J. T. Taylor, treasurer. The lodge became financially embarrassed by the hard times …

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Gallatin Missouri Public Schools

The present public school edifice of Gallatin is a fine brick building, its exterior giving it a handsome appearance, and on the inside it is most conveniently arranged for school purposes. The building was erected in 1872, at a cost of some $12,500, without furniture. The structure was put up under contract, the latter being let June 15, 1871, to A. F. Ely for the sum of $11,000. This included all but heating and the bell work. The contract for the heating was let to Lester, Heron, Smith & Co., of Chicago, for $800. They were the only bidders in …

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Gallatin Missouri City Churches

Cumberland Presbyterian This church first came into existence December 24, 1857. It was that day organized under the direction of Rev. W. D. Mahan. The number was small, but faith made up what was otherwise lacking, and it has grown and prospered. The first members of the church were, S. T. Hill, Mary R. Hill,. Henry W. Lisle, Robert Hannah, S. Ann Hannah, James J. Minor, Ruth Minor, Jane Davis, and John H. Pugh. Henry W. Lisle and Skelton T. Hill were church elders at the time of the organization. The church gained in number and influence steadily under the …

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Gallatin Library Association

This association was first organized in 1875 and incorporated under the laws of the State. Its object and aims were social culture, and the raising of means for the purchase of standard works for the purpose of establishing a circulating library. The meetings of the association were held semi-monthly, and for nearly three years were kept up in the spirit in which the association was inaugurated, and many interesting entertainments were given. In the meantime a library of several hundred volumes had been collected. In the fall of 1876, or rather on Monday night, December 4th, the Library Association met …

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Gallatin City, Daviess County, Missouri Biographies

The following contains brief biographies of men from Gallatin City, Missouri. You can search the entire listing using the search at the bottom of the page. Alexander, Joshua W. Allen, James T., M. D. Barnett, Alfred F. Brosins, Samuel T. Brown, Moses Jr. Burton, John W. Chapman, James L. Coulson, John D. Cox, Gabriel W. Cox, Samuel P. Crain, Thomas J. Cravens, John, M. D. Day, Jehiel T. Diestilhorst, George C. Dockery, Alexander M. , M. D. Dunn, Pines R. Enyaet, John J. Ewing, Frank Ewing, Milton Fitterer, Enos Flint, Thomas J. Folmsbee, William Henry, M.D. Gillihan, William C. Givens, William M., M. D. …

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